How To Solar Panel Your Home

In this page we’re going to be showing you how to setup a small solar panel system in your house.

The whole thing is 4 things: a couple of batteries, inverter, and the white box to the right of all that is the charge controller.

So, you start by setting up your panels outside. In this case, he has 6 panels set up. That’s 15 watts per panel, sot that’s 90 watts coming in. The wire goes straight down to the main connection.

It’s just the 6 black wires connected together and twisted tightly, and the six red ones connected. Of course you want to cover that one up and protect it from the rain. Let it run to the house and feed the line in to your house.

That’s the brown wire you see in the video. The line from the solar panel goes into the charge controller.

And then the output wire which is just to the left of the box in this case clamps on to your battery. Red to red, black to black. To the charge controller.

That’s about everything. You’ve got the solar panels coming in, the cable from the output to the battery. So, solar panels to charge controller. Charge controller to lead battery in your bank.