Do you know some of the solar powered gadgets?

Gadgets are one of the things that consume much electricity power. Charging your phones or laptops can accumulate over time and will require you to pay electric fee. If we include counting the electronic appliances like refrigerators and air conditioning we know where the big part of the electric fee goes. Many try to help the environment by cutting their usage of electricity as some of its sources are depleting and it cannot be renewed in the near future. In line with that objective, many manufacturers now produce products that are solar powered.


Let us introduce you to some of the products that already existed in the market. One product is the Creative Edge Solar Cell Phone Charger (it costs around $30). It is one of the best product produce that will not provide fast charging services but will not let you down as you can use it everywhere especially in an emergency situation. Next is XD Design Solar Window Charger (it costs around $20). It is designed to be attached easily to a window that its one end is for sunlight capturing and the other end is where you connect your phone.

Also Swiftly Done Peel-n-Stick Outdoor Solar Lights (it costs around $17). It can be attached to any kind of surface. The Etekcity Solar Lantern (it costs about $18) is great to use while camping as it has features like light weight and portable. It can be used for up to eight hours. The maker of this product is surely contented and satisfied by the performance of the products they made.