4 Reasons Why People Install Solar Panels

There are so many benefits to installing solar panels in your home, however there are also factors that discourage people to do so.

Here are 4 reasons why people do.

1. Financial benefits

People who install solar panels in their homes earn up to 14% return of investment through a feed in tariff contract and gain energy independence from rising utility rates.

However the installation costs discourage people from installing. They don’t have access to funds or financing to invest in a solar array, which can typically cost up to 20,000 dollars to install.

2. People install solar panels for the environment

There is 96-98% less greenhouse gases than electricity generated from coal when using solar panels.

There’s also 86-89% less water used compared to coal.

80% less land occupied or transformed.

95% lower toxicity to humans.

However people don’t install solar panels because their roof isn’t suitable.


The best roof for solar panels are large, flat, and south facing. Roofs that have little to no shade are also best. Also it’s good to have access for cleaning twice a year. And also the roof should be in a sunny climate.


3. Energy storage-based systems are the fastest growth area in solar, keeping your energy going during outages.

People don’t know the many benefits of solar energy. Most people are not aware of the savings from solar power. They think that they have small savings, there’s not enough sushine, it’s too expensive, or it’s too much effort to maintain.

4. You get to enjoy government rebates

Some people never really think about this part.