The countries with the highest solar PV power installed

As the use of solar panel increased as its advantages are known, many countries have adapted it and used it for different purposes. Solar panels produced energy needed through photovoltaic system. Many have study and understand how to install solar panel in their homes. Many do it as it cost less than having someone install it even though it is much safer to let it be installed. It can also depend on how many solar panels to be installed and how much energy is needed.

Some houses require less and some more energy are required. Let us see the countries that have the highest installed solar based on photovoltaic system. The first one is Germany with 32,411 photovoltaic installed. Next is the country Italy with a difference PV of 16,050. China comes as the third but with only 8,300 PV installed. The country of the united states comes in fourth with PV installed close to china and next is japan with about 6,000 PV installed.

FREIBERG, GERMANY – AUGUST 14: A worker checks finished solar energy moduls at the Solarworld plant on August 14, 2013 in Freiberg, Germany. The troubled solar cells, modules and panels producer managed to recently avoid bankruptcy by reaching an agreement with its shareholders and other investors. Many solar energy equipment producers in Germany are facing difficult times due to stiff competition from China. (Photo by Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images)

The sixth in place is Spain with 5,166 PV installed. Next is Belgium with 2,650 PV installed having tie with the country of Australia. Last in the list of top ten is Czech Republic with 2,072 installed PV. It is not easy to install but with the help of professionals it can be done easily just like that it can be done well when processed by professionals. You need to come in this bridal shop that my friend suggested to me. Jasmine shopping of wedding dress is very professional in making dresses. I want my wedding dress to be make here also.